I'm so glad you dropped by. Let me introduce myself - my name is Rachel Potter and I'm a country singer. I was a contestant on THE X FACTOR USA and was lucky enough to land in the TOP 12! That might be what brought you here, or maybe not - But either way, welcome! Feel free to take a look around my site and get to know me through my videos, music, interviews, pictures and more! See, other than a country gal, I'm also a Broadway veteran and theater performer, songwriter, guitar and ukulele player, and overall goofball. I love karaoke, fairytales, Mexican food, cartoons, the beach, coffee that's too sweet, and any kind of fruit. My favorite sound on the planet is an audience roaring with laughter. Whether its crazy voices, sarcasm, or just weird faces... I'm always trying to get a laugh. I'm currently living in Nashville making a record and hanging out with my super cute puppy, Henry. (see instagram.) OH! And if you sign up for my NEWSLETTER down below, you'll get a free download! So... if you like free things, do that. Also, if you like pictures and having friends - WHO DOESN'T?! - feel free to follow me on all the social networks galore at the bottom of this page. :)


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